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Healthy Home Traditions for Independence Day
Part 4 of our 7 part series

It’s the 4th of July and the air is alive with traditions.  What a perfect time to – pause – and ask, “why do we do all the things we do?”  Listen, your health may depend upon it!

Follow me here…

Mom used to bake a 5 pound ham for winter holidays.  Before placing the ham in the pan, mom always happily cut off an end piece.  One year, my sister asked “why?”  Mom replied…”I’m not sure, but that is what my mom always did.”  So sister went to grandmother and asked why she always cut an end piece from the ham.  Grandmother replied…”well, that is what we always did.”  Still… the “why” was a mystery.  So grandmother looked in her handed-down cooking recipes from her mother and finally had an answer for sister.  The instructions said to always buy a 4 pound ham, because it fit perfectly in the oven… any larger hams would have to be cut to fit.  All these years, think of all the ham that was cut off – just because….. that’s what that old oven required.

So…. you’re getting ready for guests and you clean your home top to bottom so it is its “fresh” for the right impression.  After cleaning…. what is the prominent smell inside of your home?  Is it bleach, or Comet scrub, or lysol, or Febreze?  In most homes…. that seems to be the norm.  Think…. fresh – chemical – cloud.

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself why your home is cleaned with the most popular  (chemical) cleaning products?  Is it because that’s what mom used?  Or did the commercials “sell” you on their notion that the “leading brand” gets your home the cleanest (while filling your body with chemicals).

The reality is that we are doing more harm to our homes and to our health, than good, by following “convention” and trusting that all cleaning products are safe.

If you were to add up all the various containers of cleaners which are used throughout the year to clean your home, how many gallons would that add up to?  For the average home, let’s say it’s a 1.5 gallons of liquid cleaners including glass cleaner, tub and tile cleaner, toilet bowl cleaner, floor cleaners, shines and waxes, and perhaps some air fresheners for good measure.

Where does all that cleaner go?  Some goes down the drain and some goes into…well…thin air.  Consequently, your home may look cleaner while in fact the air you breath is polluted with invisible chemicals…many of which are known to have negative effects on our endocrine system , sending our body’s healthy balance into a state of disruption.  Picture man-boobs for one.

Fortunately, just by becoming a bit more curious, you can have a happier, cleaner, AND, a healthier home too.  It’s easy!

Mother nature really does know best

Mother nature really does know best.  There are many great nature-based cleaning products available today which will help you re-vitalize your home.

So, before you clean your home the traditional way, ask “WHY” do I use the cleaners I do?”  Does convenience and convention rank higher than good health?

Imagine coming home to the experience of a sparkling clean home, just cleaned with “effective” natural products.  You breath in all natural fresh clean air, with subtle scents of invigorating natural oils. No guilt. no shame.  You feel alive!  Now you have a healthier environment to call home.

For other ideas on smart, natural and effective household cleaners, use the Good Guide to help educate yourself about a healthier, safer home.

Be curious. Take it step by step. Gradually transition your home to a healthy home.

Follow our posts and we’ll bring you new information every month which you’ll find easy to follow and guide you towards a healthier home and a healthier life at home.

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