2021 is Zooming by!  Have you noticed?  5am at the gym this morning, it's getting busier.  Yoga classes too.  All these people have a clear purpose beaming from their eyes – getting healthy and staying healthy!

What about you?

In this post, we're going to share our Vision for a Healthy Home, to inspire you. By making small tweaks to your home-habits and perhaps your lifestyle, you'll build an even healthier relationship with your home.

If you think about how expensive it is to be "unhealthy"... it just makes a ton of good sense to have your home working FOR you, supporting your optimal health and performance.

Here's "The 6 Elements" of a Healthy Home:

  1. Clean, healthy indoor air quality
  2. Clean, healthy water for drinking, showers and bathing
  3. Health-friendly cleaning practices (as close to chemical-free/fragrance-free as you can stand)
  4. Health-friendly design and construction materials (low in volatile organic compounds – off gassing)
  5. Health-friendly maintenance practices – interior and exterior
  6. Healthy home-energy 

As you read on, keep in mind, most all of the suggestions we offer, are easy and inexpensive changes to your current style.

Whether you own or rent, you still have control of what we bring into your homes.  And as you will learn in this 7-part series... most homes are pretty healthy on their own before we start adding all of the "stuff" into our homes.

Air and water are two things in life we cannot live without.  And, what looks clean and smells clean, well, must be clean. Right?! Not necessarily.  What you don't see might be robbing you and your family of the best health you deserve. 

Air quality is our very next post in this 7-part series.

Then, the way we clean our homes, is actually one of the biggest culprits of an un-healthy home.  Huh?   Doesn't clean mean clean?

Well...are the cleaning products you use all natural, or are they made up of chemicals that leave toxic trails?  But, no sweat... this is a pretty easy fix too, once you learn which products and method are not only effective, but safe.

Next, we'll dive into a conversation about design and construction materials.  Paint, carpet, cabinetry, bedding, fabrics and flooring... these can all look so deceptively beautiful in every which way.  But by becoming an educated and wise consumer, you will start making better sourcing decisions leading to a huge boost for your health.

Last... yep... we're actually going there!

We're going to talk about that "Woo-Woo" thing last.... the ENERGY of your home. Ethereal? Maybe.  Abstract? For sure!  And... it's real. 

Whether you see it and feel it or not... your home is filled with energy and it's affecting every-body in your home.  Best for last, right?  I'm going to be introducing you to an expert in this field.  So make sure to follow us to the very end of this series!

This is going to be fun. And... perfect timing for spring and summer ahead.

Please share this post with someone you know who appreciates good health!

Thank you for following along!

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