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Have you been struggling to find the time and energy to spruce up your home and maximize its sale value — all while keeping your work and life in balance?

At Jim and Monte, our specialty is helping busy professionals sell their homes for top dollar. Our highly tailored process and experienced staff will help you keep your life in balance during your home’s sale process.

Below, you’ll find our 4-step M.A.P.S. method. If you’re thinking of selling your property and want a tailored plan to streamline the process, you’ll find no better professionals than at Jim and Monte. Give us a call!



First, we’ll start our process with a 10-minute exploratory call to better understand your home sale goals, needs, and objectives.

We want to know your critical “whys” — why you’re selling and why this sale is important to you — because, in the end, your satisfaction hinges on fulfilling those factors!

We’ll help you understand how we’ll work to get your home efficiently prepared, marketed, and sold, taking care of things so you can focus on what’s essential in your life.

After breaking down our process step-by-step, we’ll focus on your specific situation and answer all of your “how is this all going to happen?” questions.

Hopefully, you’ll feel reassured and maybe even a little excited that we’ll be working with you!


Action Plan:

After our call, we’ll put together a carefully tailored Action Plan that encapsulates your goals and desires.

In order to prepare you and your home for the sale process, we’ll go through the following:

  • A home walk-through: We’ll walk through your property with you, taking note of and photographing any issues that may need further consideration. Making a list of deficiencies will let us factor in the potential cost of repairs and accurately price the home.
  • A professional home inspection: We’ll task a professional home inspector to view your property a second time, with an eye for structural, pest, sewer line/septic, and geophysical issues.
  • Decision time: We’ll sit down with you and decide what needs to be remedied, repaired, replaced, or upgraded in order to meet your goals and sale expectations.

The Action Plan will coordinate all tasks along a timeline, detailing who will do what, when each task will start and finish, and how much time and money it will take to resolve every issue.

Because we’ve already got your whys in focus, the Action Plan will beautifully merge and lay out your goals along a realistic timeline, with you in control as the final decision-maker.

Our team of trusted experts and contractors will make sure that every task is completed professionally and on time. (We’ve worked with these people for years – they’re the best of the best!)

Each of these pros has earned a spot on our team because of their record of getting results. The job’s done right so that you can focus on yourself, work, and family, knowing your sale is on time and on target.

Before any work starts, you’ll get job cost estimates — job description, cost, and completion deadline — right upfront.

After selecting our experts and collecting job cost estimates, we’ll include all of these details in your comprehensive draft plan for you to review and approve before doing anything. We want every step of the Plan to be fully transparent: tasks, timeframes, costs, and commitments.

Then, as needed, we’ll work with you to tweak and optimize the Plan to accommodate your family’s schedules, active lifestyles, and budget.

Finally, with your approval, your Action Plan is ready to launch. Service providers are scheduled, and deposits, payments, and other details are all smoothed out.

Now we’re a team!



With our Plan in hand, the action begins. All the moving pieces will quickly come together with minimal disruption to your schedule.

As planned, our first-class experts will get to work on updates, repairs, and modifications, all of which will be completed within your timeline.

Whether on-site or behind the scenes, we’ll carefully monitor the progress of each phase, ensuring we stay on schedule.

And the best part? We’ll keep you informed every step of the way. You’ll feel confident knowing that the whole process is unfolding according to our Plan.

Once all of the tasks are completed and inspected, it’s time for a final deep cleaning — house, landscaping, windows, lighting, and ventilation — just before staging installations.

After all the furniture, artwork, and installations are staged, we’ll bring in our professional photographer, who will already be perfectly in sync with our marketing team’s vision and next steps.

With the photographer’s digital images in hand, our marketing team will produce striking marketing collateral showcasing all of your home’s best features.



We’ll go international by listing your home with the Northwest Multiple Listing Service (NWMLS), which connects to over 800 websites. Your listing will not only be digitally placed in the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times’ real estate sections but also on China’s top real estate sites, Juwai and Fang. With NWMLS’ global reach, your home will be exposed to high-quality buyers in over 50 countries.

Our marketing approach is omnichannel, meaning we cover both traditional marketing such as high-profile print ads as well as digital marketing like websites or social media.

We’ll run strategic Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns targeting the ideal prospective buyer for your home while also featuring your property on Compass’ website. When appropriate, we’ll schedule select open houses and send out targeted mailers.

Once buyer appointments are scheduled online, we’ll make your home available for showings, secure offers, and negotiate market-dependent inspections and other contingencies, all guided by your goals and the unique real estate market protocols at the time.

With a secure contract in hand (all terms Mutually Agreed to), we’ll work with you to take your home’s sale through the escrow process to closing.

Behind the scenes, we’ll have sorted the details between Title, Mortgage, Escrow, and Buyer’s Agent, keeping you informed every step of the way.  Our goal is to provide you with full transparency so you’re free to have complete peace of mind.

With the M.A.P.S. Method:

Your home is prepared for a successful sale, with a team of experts all working on getting you the most significant profit in the least amount of time.

M.A.P.S leverages your precious energy and keeps you and your family life in balance. Your house looks at its best, with top-notch marketing showcasing your home in its very best light.

Your property gets maximum exposure, attracting the most buyer interest in the shortest amount of time. Your time is freed up to focus on the things in life most important to you.

Your listing is prepared with current real estate market conditions at hand and strategically priced so that you’re getting more money and capturing more of your equity for that next investment.

When you work with Jim & Monte using our M.A.P.S. method, you’re:

  • Educated up-front on every step of the process
  • Feeling confident and relaxed
  • Ready with a plan that we can use again in the future to build more equity
  • Setting yourself up for future successful real estate acquisitions and sales
  • Reclaiming time to focus on your active lifestyle and feeling free

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