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Downtown Seattle

Seattle is known as an energetic, up-and-coming city full of driven, fast-paced people of all backgrounds and ample opportunities for work and play. Its downtown neighborhood is no exception. Packed with restaurants, attractions, entertainment, and desirable housing, Downtown Seattle is a city dweller’s paradise with far more to offer than tall buildings and Pike Place Market.

Seattle came up in the mid-19th century, but you’ll find few reminders of the city’s past due to two events that changed it all: the Great Seattle Fire of 1889 and the Denny Regrade, which made way for the skyline you see today. Following the fire, which burned many of the city’s existing structures to the ground, and the regrading of Denny Hill’s slopes, Seattle became an industrial hub during the Gold Rush and never looked back. While you’ll still find a handful of historic buildings standing, the late 20th century brought major growth with skyscrapers and major roadways, opening the floodgates for a modern metropolis to literally rise from the ashes of its past.

Today, Downtown Seattle is a bustling, forward-thinking city that not only holds Seattle’s buzzing financial and retail districts but is also a great place to live. By nature, there is never a shortage of things to do for those looking for an active lifestyle, while hideaways that only residents would know about aren’t difficult to come by either. If you love being surrounded by interesting people, stimulating culture, and seek to come across something new every day, Downtown Seattle is the place for you.

Capitol Hill

Luxury with a historic, colorful edge, Capitol Hill is Seattle at its best, most daring self

Framed to the west by I-5, unassuming passersby might believe that just another big city burg sits on the other side of the interstate barrier. But Seattle is no ordinary big city, and Capitol Hill, the gem of a neighborhood that rests just beyond the roadway, is no ordinary community.

Capitol Hill represents Seattle’s most notable and admired attributes. Luxurious, stately homes. Dynamic topography. Grungy, energetic nightlife. A revered food and drink scene. Add the desirable location at the core of Seattle’s metro area and it’s a dynamic place to lay down roots.

The community’s central location and perch above the surrounding environs of the Emerald City is a central draw for residents and visitors alike. Homes in Capitol Hill are an eclectic mix. The clean lines of the Seattle box home or more ornate Victorian-era mansions are commonplace. So too is the northwestern staple Craftsman bungalow and its older, more stylized sibling the Arts and Craft home.

For those that love refined, low-maintenance living, there’s plenty of well-appointed condos within walking distance to some of the hottest social spots in all of Seattle. In fact, such is the rich tapestry of Capitol Hill that it’s not uncommon to find every style and sensibility represented side-by-side.

Clyde Hill

A distinguished community with spectacular views of Washington’s greatest wonders

The city of Clyde Hill is a quaint community located east of Seattle that boasts sweeping views of Lake Washington, Mount Rainer, the Olympic Mountains, the Cascade Mountain range, and the Seattle skyline. Its towering evergreens line Clyde Hill’s residential streets, where large homes in a variety of architectural styles sit atop beautifully landscaped lawns. As one of the most affluent communities in metro Seattle, this serene neighborhood is a haven for homeowners looking for a quiet lifestyle within minutes of Seattle and its surrounding tech hubs.

With a history dating back to the 1880s, Clyde Hill began as a farming community where settlers grew wheat, strawberries, potatoes, and more. Today, this residential cluster of around 4,000 people is neighbored by Bellevue, a tech hub with offices for industry giants like Expedia, Microsoft, T-Mobile, and others. Filled with beautiful homes on spacious lots, Clyde Hill is a homeowner’s paradise, with many properties featuring multi-car garages, pools, home theaters, and large spaces for entertaining both indoors and out.

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